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Qatar Steel Company, QPSC

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VISION To be a leading innovative steel company producing carbon neutral steel and helping to build a better future. MISSION To be the steel company of choice, by caring for our resources, product innovation and competitively marketing carbon neutral steel to Qatar and the World.

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Established in 1980, we built an organization that would last the challenges of an ever-changing market and one that also would be known for its products in the Qatar Steel Industries. Our focus began with and is still mostly in finished and semi-finished steel goods. The demand for which has allowed us to establish a strong network that now spans 15 branches around the Globe. Our clientele know us for our quality, values and our well-established distribution channels to the extent that we have been awarded the “The Golden Merit for excellence and quality in the Arab world Among the Arab Organization for Administrative Development”. With over 40 years of Experience, we have supplied Contractors, Developers and Governments for projects that now make up renowned residential areas and vital infrastructure that facilitate them. Qatar Steel Industries Factory has become a name that resounds with the highest standards of quality, performance and customer satisfaction. A name that aims to solidify itself in annals of time as an epitome of Sustainability, Innovation and Dynamism. We have done so in the past, thus we endear to do so for the future.

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Al jaber Steel Company

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SC was established in 1992 with a solid history in steel design, fabrication and erection. Over the past 25 years, the company was able to diversify its activities to meet the growing demand quality of structural steel work. The company developed its modern fabrication capabilities to meet international standards and specifications for various types of steel structures, Pre-Engineered Buildings, and other steel works which include the following

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MP Qatar

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M/s. MP Qatar Trading (part of Ahmed Al-Rayes Group of Companies) as a team of Marketing & Engineering professionals having operation in the State of Qatar for the past two decades. Al – Rayes Group has more than 40 companies and employs more than 1900 employees. We are suppliers of products related to Hospitality, Healthcare, Engineering & Trunkey Solutions in Qatar. We represent some of the premium quality renewed brands. We aim to offer the best price and a very high level of service and a strong sales force with extensive industry knowledge. We are constantly learning and it is our hope and dream that we become the choice supplier to the industry in the State of Qatar.

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Sankalp Alloys Overseas

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Sankalp Alloys Overseas was founded by a group of many years experienced specialists with products developing, designing, producing management and quality control.Our Organisation is ISO 9001:2008 we are supplying only good quality, traceable inspection and reliable delivery with excellent customer services. We are professional and specialize in manufacturing, stockiest, import and export of Pipe Fittings, Flanges, Fasteners, Instrumentation Fittings, Hammer Union, Valves, Gaskets, Pipes and Tubes, Sheet, Plates Coils, Bars & Structural Steel Products as per customers projects, drawings, standards and specifications. We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing set-up is that equipped with an advanced production line to consistently meet the rising market demands. Our portfolio caters to a diverse range of industries like Sugar, Chemical Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Pharmaceutical, Railways, Refrigeration, Metallurgical, Oil and Gas, Decorative, Dairies & Food Products, Instrumentation, Power Plants, Heat Exchanger, Pulp Instrumentation, Paper Mills, Food, Ornamental, Energy, Ships, Fabrication, Automobile, Sanitary & Plumbing, Boilers, Space Application etc. It is our perpetual mission to constantly increase our reach by providing exceptional products, superior customer service and in the process become the First Choice of every that client we cater to.

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الجابر للحديد

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JSC was established in 1992 with a solid history in steel design, fabrication and erection. Over the past 25 years, the company was able to diversify its activities to meet the growing demand quality of structural steel work. The company developed its modern fabrication capabilities to meet international standards and specifications for various types of steel structures. Al Jaber Steel’s fully equipped factory enables the needs of our customer for durable, affordable, and versatile steel structure met. More than 90% of our work load is attributed to repeat customers – a testament of our dedication to quality, safety and performance. The company prides itself on its ability to innovate through the in-depth understanding of the clients’ requirements and vision. Our future aim is to maintain the core values of commitment and Integrity; most of all strengthen our business relationship with existing customers’ and develop our supply chain within all sectors of the industry.

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Al Talaea Trading

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Al – Talaea Trading (ATT) was registered by Ministry of Business & Trade, State of Qatar as an establishment in the year 1990. In Feb 2006, Company became with limited liability (Wll) under the sponsorship of Mr. Juma Ismail Al Boenain. Our name “Al-Talaea” means vanguard, which demonstrates that we work on a war-footing basis. We have a highly renowned ‘crack team’ who can take up and manage all emergency services and jobs with the tightest deadlines Al – Talaea Trading is the preferred scrap contractor for Qatar Petroleum for handling their scrap needs. Also the holder of the prestigious 5-year long term contract of Qatar Petroleum for the purchase and removal of metal scrap from all their off shore, on shore and refinery locations in Qatar. Company has extensive client base including oil and gas companies and international contractors with highly experienced team of professionals and highly sophisticated infrastructure.

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ITT Grinnell

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ITT Grinnell has had a history of over fifty-year experience in manufacturing piping, fittings, valves, support and hangers. In the early 1990s, ITT Grinnell continued to expand its international operations, company purchased casting outside the USA.These Castings are manufactured with our patterns and must meet the same standards of any domestic casting.

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Arcelormittal Distribution Solutions Qatar

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ArcelorMittal Projects operates as a global one-stop solution shop. We provide complete, customised, and sustainable steel solutions and services via 3 specialized and project-related business lines: Foundation Solutions, Energy Projects and Solar Projects. At Projects, regional presence and knowledge are combined with worldwide sources and skills. We believe that our customers benefit from long-term partnerships, the driving force of our business.

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تأسست QATAR STEEL INDUSTRIES في عام 1980 ، قمنا ببناء منظمة من شأنها أن تستمر في مواجهة تحديات السوق المتغيرة باستمرار والتي ستعرف أيضًا بمنتجاتها في صناعات الصلب القطرية بدأ تركيزنا ولا يزال في الغالب على السلع الفولاذية الجاهزة ونصف المصنعة . الصناعات التي تركز على التصنيع مثل مصانع قطر للصلب تحتاج إلى البناء عليها كنظام لإدارة الجودة المتسقة التي يتم تقديمها بقيمة كبيرة. لقد عملنا في مصنع قطر للصناعات الحديدية على إتقان المكونات لهذا الغرض لما يقرب من نصف قرن. حيث منحتنا ممارساتنا المبتكرة ومواردنا البشرية الخبيرة وأحدث الاستيعاب التكنولوجي ميزة وضعنا كلاعب رائد في السوق. سنستمر في ذلك لأننا مدفوعون إلى تحسين والبحث عن أفضل التقنيات ، والبحث عن أفضل الموارد البشرية ، ومصادر المواد الخام عالية الجودة ، واستيعاب التكنولوجيا الأكثر كفاءة وخلق قيمة تحافظ على الحالي وتبني عملاء جدد.

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The EL ETIHAD STEEL FACTORY is involving in Steel Fabrication and Welding Activities, we are very much interested to approach external jobs from National & International Clients as Subcontractor for all Structural steel works as per approved design & client requirements due to our desire to be a part of those prestigious projects and to offer our services and support to accomplish VISION 2030 of the STATE OF QATAR. The area available for fabrication is approximately 15,000 m2, with overhead Cranes and is located in State of Qatar, New Industrial Area, PINK Zone. The facility is an overall 40,000 m2. The area dedicated for blasting & painting is approximately 3000 m2 equipped with the high technologies in this field located along with the fabrication area.

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Atmosphere Projects

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Atmosphere Projects was established in 2010, the company has earned recognition for undertaking both large and small projects, fostering innovation, embracing emerging technologies, and making a difference for our clients, employees and community. We are committed to a high standard performance to meet the expectations of our clients’ frameworks of trust, responsibility and reliability. We understand complexity and invest in competence; we also know the success of the company rest clearly on the management competence and expertise of our professional staff. Atmosphere Projects provides in house, the broad combination of skills and services necessary for today’s complex projects.

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Pipes Technology Company W.L.L

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Pipes Technology Company W.L.L., known as PIPESTECH, was established in the State of Qatar since year 2003. PIPESTECH is registered under commercial registration number is 83608. PIPESTECH specializes in supplying a wide range of high quality Thermoplastic piping network products, specifically HDPE, PVC, CPVC and PPR Pipes, Fittings and Valves for various applications such as water supply, sewage networks, sub-surfaces water drainage system, Irrigation network system and electrical and telecommunication cable protection networks as well as fire fighting network system. For Industrial, Commercial and domestic according to various internationally accredited standards, namely; ISO, DIN, SASO, ASTM and BS EN Standards, not to mention our safety elements products.

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Energy Technical Services

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ETS is based in Doha, Qatar and has been offering quality service in Oil and Gas, Marine and Petrochemical industries for over 13 years. ETS a name that has become synonymous with quality. Our commitment in mastering the art of meeting and managing deadlines has equipped us to enhance customer satisfaction. ETS Emphasize on safe working practices & accident prevention. With over decades of pioneering experience under our belt and an ever-growing client list that includes leading names from the government, private and public sectors.

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Buzwair General Trading

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Albawardi Steel Industries commenced business in 1993 as a coil service center. It has since grown to become the largest center for flat products and slit ferrous & non-ferrous coils in Saudi Arabia and also diversified in to structural steel, plate fabrication, Metal Forming & Tube Manufacturing.

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Steel Distribution Company

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As a Steel Distribution Company, Al Diab Qatar was established on the basis of integrity, honesty, trust, commitment to quality & safety, teamwork and respect which form its core values and ideals. We are a family business with a wealth of highly relevant experience. Our goal is to remain the best in the industry so that we may continue to create value for our clients, surrounding communities and the wider economy. Al Diab Steel - Qatar for Trading & Contracting is an authorized distributor of Qatar Steel. We are one of the pioneers in providing our clients with high quality steel, white wood, plywood, hard wood and timber wood. Today, we remain devoted to the company's principles and objectives that have driven our success over the past years.

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Since its inception on January 2000, Qatar Belgium Aluminium Co. W.L.L is under the patronage of the distinguished and well-renowned Abdulghani Group. QBEL uses the sophisticated system of Clima Italy which prides an extensive 29 years of experience in development, sale and production of aluminium/wood, and aluminium profile systems for windows and doors. This remarkable profile captured the attention of the prominent Abdulghani Group. Therefore another milestone was made by the owners to open a fabrication facility in Doha and be the leading fabricators and service providers in the entire gulf region, hence, there comes the birth of QBEL.

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GERMAN STEEL CONTRACTING LLC (GSC) is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company specialized in the field of Structural steel and Architectural Metal Works, with headquarters in AJMAN – United Arab Emirates. Over the years, GSC has made its marks of excellence in the industry with a proven track record in timely completion of various prestigious projects. Our commitment towards the clients is infallible and renowned for its best quality and reasonable price. GSC offers full range capability in metal works such as Heavy Structures, Secondary Steel, Stainless Steel, cladding, Aluminium Works etc.

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MARINA has established a full fledged contracting division, Electro-Mechanical with Grade A Status,right from design and development to erection,testing commissioning and maintenance services for all types of projects. Specializing in Civil Construction and Electro-Mechanical fields providing professional services to the construction and industrial sectors in the state of Qatar. Established in 1998.

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We hereby introduce ourselves as a well-established Chinese company mainly engaged in the design, development, fabrication and installation of stainless steel products and decorations in the State of Qatar. We are based in Street No.11 Industrial Area, Doha-Qatar, with an area of more than ten thousand square metres,which contains offices, workshops and showrooms. Recently we have equipped our workshops with advanced,sophisticated and modern machinery and equipments, which came from China and facilitate the execution of the work with high quality and perfect installation.

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