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شركات الاستشارات الهندسية

East Palaces Co.

رابط الشركة

East Palaces Co. was established in 2001 to cater to the growing electromechanical air-conditioning and water proofing needs of Qatar. Ever since its establishment, it has earned a name and reputation for itself in the field of HVA/C and Water Proofing works. Today we are also into more diverse field of Marine service and Trading. We specialize in all kinds of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning works such as Central A/C, Split Unit A/C, Wall Mounted A/C, Air Handling Units, Chillers etc. Our line of work include providing HVA/C and water proofing solutions to residential, institutional, commercial and industrial projects. Our Water Proofing Division has a range of thermal insulation products for building and villas to increase the building/villa life and comfort level. Our marine department has a workforce of more than 80 people which are drawn up from different countries who are capable of installation, repairing and doing maintenance for the boats and similar vessels in marine service facility. From our knowledge and past experience we are able to determine the extent of repairs required or modifications necessary for installation of equipment, accessories, and hardware. The Trading Division deals with the supply of Gypsum Board , Pre Insulated duct Sheet (with fabrication and Installation if required by the client) and Leather, Waterproof fabrics, anti-slipping floor fabrics Trading. • We have partnership with ABS Turkey for importing and trading Gypsum Board and Accessories in Qatar. We have Normal, Water Proof and Fire Rated Gypsum Boards along with all the accessories in our stock. The product is from Turkey. • We are the trader and supplier for superior quality Pre-Insulated Aluminum Poly Isocyanurate (PIR) panels along with the accessories for First Duct, a product which will provide the perfect solution to the air conditioning needs in HVAC industry with satisfied usage result in Qatar market. • East Palaces Co. had become the exclusive distribution agent in Qatar for “Socovena & Mapla-Italy” who is dealing with Leather, Waterproof fabrics, anti-slipping floor fabrics etc. We have a wide range of products which is above the quality expectation of the customers. Our corporate office is located at Salwa Road. We have a dedicated team of well-qualified and experienced staff which include managers, engineers, fabricators, installers, insulators, site supervisors and skilled workmen. Our factory is located in Al Wukeir”.

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ah asociados

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AH (Alonso, Hernández) is a lead consultancy company founded in 1989, with offices in Europe (Spain), Middle East (Qatar) & America (Panama). We are focused in sustainable design, adapted to the specific requirements of each client, providing the quality and dedication of a personal firm with the solvency and efficiency of a large group, including our own in-house sustainability R & D department. AH has a varied and consistent portfolio in different fields, such as; master planning & urban design, housing, hospitality, cultural, educational, industrial, refurbishment and fit-out. This work has been awarded with numerous international prizes and widely published in magazines and exhibitions.

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رابط الشركة

عن كيو دي في سي تعتبر كيو دي في سي شركة مساهمة قطرية خاصة تتمثل رؤيتها في تأسيس شركة إنشاءات محلية رابحة ومزدهرة تحظى بسمعة مرموقة على الصعيد الدولي وترتكز على تقديم أفضل الخدمات ذات القيمة والجودة المتميزة لعملائها. وقد تأسست الشركة بموجب قوانين دولة قطر منذ أبريل لعام 2007، وذلك من خلال الشراكة بين كل من: شركة الديار القطرية صاحبة الريادة العالمية في مجال التنمية العقارية المستدامة وشركة فينسي لإنشاء المشاريع العملاقة والتي تعد إحدى شركات الهندسة المدنية الرائدة في العالم في تصميم وبناء وتسليم المباني والهياكل الهندسية وتمارس نشاطها حالياً في 40 دولة على مستوى العالم. وقد أثمر التعاون بين هاتين الشركتين الرائدتين في صناعة الانشاءات الى تعزيز الشراكة الفعّالة بينهما لإنشاء شركة “كيو دي في سي”، والتي تأسست بهدف الإرتقاء بمستوى الخدمات الهندسية والإنشائية لمشاريع التنمية العقارية الضخمة ، علاوةً على جذب واستقطاب الموارد المحلية والدولية.

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RNT Maclaren Engineering

رابط الشركة

RNT Maclaren Engineering is a leading manufacturing company specializing in designing and manufacturing premium products for a wide range of industries. Founded in 2010 in Cyprus. We serve leading customers in these regions with a strong sales network in Europe and the Middle East. Today RNT Maclaren is a company with a capacity of 2 production plants. Qatar, and India. Through hard work, significant investment, collective effort, and measurable results, RNT Maclaren Engineering maintain and enjoys its outsourcing clientele’s credibility and trust. Because credibility and reliability are our most valuable assets, along with integrity and collaboration, we at RNT Maclaren Engineering deliver superior quality, value, and trust to our customers.

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رابط الشركة

QNAP : مفهوم جديد للألواح المركبة المطورة ؛ بالتعاون مع شركائنا التكنولوجيين في ألمانيا ، نقدم سلسلة مبتكرة من المواد المركبة من شركة تصنيع ذات جودة عالية في الشرق الأوسط. علامة تجارية تلبي جميع احتياجات الألواح المعمارية الخاصة بك ، ومجهزة بجميع المرافق الداخلية لضمان جودة المنتج والتزامات التسليم.

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Harinsa Contracting Company Qatar WLL

رابط الشركة

Harinsa Qatar (HQ) was born in 2007 with the primary goal of becoming a reference in doing business in the field of construction as the main contractor in the State of Qatar for many years to come. HQ belongs to ECISA Group, a medium size family-run business founded in 1968 by Manuel Peláez Castillo, during the last 50 years developed successfully more than 2000 projects, with the involvement of his sons and became the leading company in construction of high rise buildings in Europe.

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Conserve Solutions

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“Conserve Solutions” is founded by passionate professionals in 2016 to provide Holistic Engineering Solutions for sustainable built environment. Our Services cover the entire life cycle from Concept Design, Schematic Design, Detailed Design, Tender Support, Construction, Commissioning, Operations and Maintenance. Conserve had delivered and contributed to various iconic projects across Asia, Middle East, Europe, Australia, Canada, US and other parts of the world, breaking geographical barriers with technology and innovation. Conserve also outsources Technical Experts onsite to our clients/projects as well as provides Virtual Employment Services. We are multi-discipline engineering firm with 350+ passionate professionals serving clients off-site/on-site in Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, and Energy & Utilities industries. Globally, we had trained/educated 3000+ professionals through our training division - Conserve Academy. Conserve has expertise in Structural Engineering, Architectural Design & Detailing, Stress Analysis, Piping Engineering, CFD Simulation, MEP Design & Detail Engineering, BIM Modelling & Coordination, Environmental Engineering, Traffic & Transportation Engineering, Plant Engineering Design, As Shop drawing preparation, As Built Documentation, 3D Laser Scanning, Acoustic Consultancy.

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Galfar Al Misnad Engineering and Contracting W.L.L.

رابط الشركة

Galfar Al Misnad is a Grade A Contractor operating in Qatar. Five operating divisions - Infrastructure; Oil & Gas; Electrical and Instrumentation; Building & MEP; and Facility Management - along with specialized support divisions, work together to contribute to the sustainable development of the country, as envisaged in Qatar National Vision 2030.

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Qatar Design Consortium

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QATAR DESIGN CONSORTIUM (QDC) is a leading Consultancy firm offering high-quality services in Architecture, Engineering, Project Management, Construction Management / Supervision, Environmental Engineering, Management Consultancy, Energy and Utility, and Facility Management Services. QDC operates from a state of art office, spread over 35000 Sq. ft. located in Central Doha, with about 500 highly qualified, experienced and full-time professionals with varied expertise including Building Information Modeling. QDC has successfully delivered projects in the field of infrastructure and buildings including High Rise Towers, Commercial Complexes, Hotels, Hospitals, Housing Developments, Townships, Office Buildings and Sports Facilities like stadiums and training fields to name a few.

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Qatar Engineering & Construction Company W.L.L

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Qatar Engineering & Construction Company (Qcon) is the leading National EPC & Maintenance Contractor in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Fertilizer and Power industries. Formally known as MECON, the company was established in 1975. Since then, Qcon has contributed immensely to the hydrocarbon infrastructural development in Qatar. Qcon employs over 5,000 skilled personnel on permanent basis that are supplemented by short-term personnel as required to meet project needs. Qcon offers the following services: • EPC Projects (Engineering, Procurement & Construction). • Construction (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation). • Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Start up Services. • Maintenance (Asset Management, Shutdowns & Technical support) • Medium and Heavy Steel Fabrication. • Fabrication offshore structures, including topside production facility.

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Confidence Engineering & Development Co

رابط الشركة

Confidence Engineering and Development Company is a Construction company located in Doha, Qatar.

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رابط الشركة

We specialize of residential and commercial construction . We are professionals in architecture construction, project anagement and business consulting. Our advantage is human capital – professionals with long-term experience. Our clients particularly appreciate the high added value, flexibility and proactivity of our staff.

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Al-Majd Consulting Engineering

رابط الشركة

مكتب استشارات هندسية مصنف درجة أولي من لجنة تصنيف المكاتب الاستشارية بدولة قطر متخصص في الاستشارات الهندسية و التصاميم المعمارية و اصدار تراخيص البناء لمختلف المشاريع السكنية و التجارية و الصناعية بكفاءة عالية و فريق عمل متخصص علي مدي عشر سنوات بدولة قطر.

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Al Ali Engineering Co.WLL

رابط الشركة

Construction company, operating locally within the State of Qatar for more than two decades, over the time has grown into respected Design & Build Contractor with dynamic specialist teams that strive to deliver exceptional customer service to institutional, residential and commercial buildings, infrastructure and roads, interior fit-out and landscape, as well as heritage projects.

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الاقصي للاستشارات الهندسيه

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الاقصى للاستشارات الهندسية هي واحدة من الشركات الرائدة مستشارون هندسيون في قطر. لدينا شرف المشاركة في التنمية التي شهدتها قطر خلال العقدين الماضيين. مكتبنا مصنف من الدرجة (أ) في مجالات العمارة والهيكل والكهرباء والميكانيكية الهندسة لأكثر من 22 عامًا. التزامنا التام ب تصميم واستكمال المشاريع للعميل الرضا هو مفتاح نجاح.

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SDT International

رابط الشركة

SDT International was established in 1991 as an engineering consultancy company that provides comprehensive range of services in the Structural, Infrastructure, Mechanical, Electrical and Environmental design. For the past 22 years, we have been a pioneering force in the planning, design and implementation of development projects in the Middle East and UK. With six offices in six countries, we employ high caliber specialized engineers capable to apply innovative approaches to design and deliver practical and cost effective solution. Our multi-disciplinary consulting company offers clients an integrated approach towards the ever increasing need for concrete and reliable project delivery systems.

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Consolidated Engineering Construction Co.

رابط الشركة

CECC was established in Jordan in 1981 as a (Limited Partnership Company). In 1995, the company transformed into a general contracting company with limited liability under its commercial name abbreviated as CECC. Due to the large competition in the construction market in Jordan, CECC found its way to take its share in this market by selecting the challenging specialty jobs which needed innovation in the engineering and construction methods. Moreover, the small construction market in Jordan has driven CECC to work on all construction fields and to become a multidiscipline general contractor, classified first class in Civil Works, Bridges, Buildings, Water Supply Projects, Wastewater & Sanitary Projects & Electro-Mechanical Works. In addition to the above, CECC has become the first local contractor that is specialized in constructing marine works. CECC has expanded its activities in the Arabian Gulf Area through its branch in Qatar. CECC has gained extensive experience and grown a good reputation through its cooperation with famous international contractors and consultants.

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رابط الشركة

We take immense pleasure in introducing PEPCO Engineering Company L.L.C. (the flagship within the current Pepco Group) an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company, established in 1989, as one of today’s highly successful and leading Electro Mechanical Contracting Companies in United Arab Emirates with a solid base of skilled labor force and effective Management team within its span of 32 years.

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Al Darwish Engineering W.L.L

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As part of the annual activities of Al Darwish Engineering Company to enhance the communication between staff and the Top Management, the annual meeting of the company’s staff was established at Oryx Rotana Hotel in the presence of Mr. Yousuf Bin Jassim Al Darwish; the Chairman, Mr. Jasim Darwish Al Darwish; Partner and Board Member, Mr. Jassim Bin Yousuf Al Darwish; Board Member. In addition to Dr. Fahd Bakour, the Executive Director of Al Darwish Engineering who explained the strategy and work plan of the company and its divisions for the next three years and the company’s principal projects. Dr Fahd congratulated the staff and workforce who have completed successfully the Rail Red Line South project on time jointly with our JV partners. He praised the positive role of the Board of Directors and its Chairman and their continuous support to meet the needs of customers with high quality, safely, and within the specified time frames. Also as part of ADE social responsibility towards the Qatari nation and in light of Ashghal strategic plans under “Qatar Deserves the best” ADE continue to contribute in various prime strategic projects in Qatar. Mr. Yousuf bin Jassim Al Darwish, the Chairman, got a great attention from the audience of the company, stressed on ADE continuous contributions in light of Qatar 2030 vision of his highness sheik Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, also Mr. Yousuf is highlighting the company’s heritage and its contribution to the renaissance of the State of Qatar in various fields since its establishment in 1950 till now, and his view to the future to keep pace with the developments in order to maintain the company’s slogan “Building a legacy of Excellence”. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Yousuf Bin Jassim Al Darwish, the Chairman, the Board of Directors, and the Executive Directors honored some of the outstanding employees for their efforts. The honoring of the employees who worked for the company for more than 45 years, in addition to honoring the “Star Employee” from each division of the company. The meeting has brought up positive feedback to the company employees and its departments as the management’s interest in the employees led to increased productivity and loyalty, which will positively affect Al Darwish’s commitment to leadership and excellence.

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Trust Engineering Consultancy

رابط الشركة

TRUST Engineering Consultancy (previously named APG) is award-winning, “A” Grade Consultancy office. We have over 15 years of experience in consultancy services working in different fields of Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Educational, Healthcare, Sport etc. Our working force includes approximately 100 professionals that are operating in 7 (seven) branches. Our core team is composed of architects, interior and landscape designers, MEP and Structural engineers, BIM and Sustainability professionals with wide experience in Design, Supervision and Project Management.

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