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Sankalp Alloys Overseas

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Sankalp Alloys Overseas was founded by a group of many years experienced specialists with products developing, designing, producing management and quality control.Our Organisation is ISO 9001:2008 we are supplying only good quality, traceable inspection and reliable delivery with excellent customer services. We are professional and specialize in manufacturing, stockiest, import and export of Pipe Fittings, Flanges, Fasteners, Instrumentation Fittings, Hammer Union, Valves, Gaskets, Pipes and Tubes, Sheet, Plates Coils, Bars & Structural Steel Products as per customers projects, drawings, standards and specifications. We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing set-up is that equipped with an advanced production line to consistently meet the rising market demands. Our portfolio caters to a diverse range of industries like Sugar, Chemical Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Pharmaceutical, Railways, Refrigeration, Metallurgical, Oil and Gas, Decorative, Dairies & Food Products, Instrumentation, Power Plants, Heat Exchanger, Pulp Instrumentation, Paper Mills, Food, Ornamental, Energy, Ships, Fabrication, Automobile, Sanitary & Plumbing, Boilers, Space Application etc. It is our perpetual mission to constantly increase our reach by providing exceptional products, superior customer service and in the process become the First Choice of every that client we cater to.

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The Pearl Gates

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We have achieved commendable sales numbers, which are periodically updated on our website, making us one of the biggest property agencies in Qatar. Our Service Whether you are selling, buying, renting, or leasing real estate in Doha, we can offer an end-to-end service that guarantees a stress-free and successful property journey. Take a look at our full range of services. Our Vision and Values With extensive experience working with local and international clients, we are known for our authentic and customer-centric approach, meaning we prioritise our client needs and expectations at all times. We strive for the highest standards in everything we do and work hard to build trust with our clients because we understand the importance of having an estate agent that you can rely on. Technology People Growth The Pearl Gates is a property consultancy for Qatar, offering the best in sales, rentals and management for a discerning clientele.

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Mohd Yousuf Kafood and Sons Trading & Contracting Co. was established in 1978 by late Mr. Mohd Yousuf Kafood (1937-1995).The company commenced its operations with the sales of plumbing materials and sanitary ware in Doha, capital town of State of Qatar.The growths of the company were rapid and within a short span of time it became one of the biggest supplier in the region. What Happens Next also diversified into other businesses.The company had started its operations in the field of plumping items and, presently too, the sanitary and plumbing division continues to the major revenue earner for the company. Mohd Yousuf Kafood & Sons Trading and Contracting Co is now recognized as a leading player in the field of tiles and sanitary wares, toilet/bathroom accessories, etc. in state of Qatar. And Who We Are Today! We are vending products of world-renowned companies - in the fields of tiles and sanitary wares- known for their quality, performances and reliability The company, at present, consists of three division viz. Trading Division, Contracting Division and Real Estate Division. It also has two sister company in the business of building hard wares and home appliance such as water heaters, water coolers, air conditioners and cooking ranges.These sister companies had their own showrooms, sales division and exclusivity and agencies of their deals.At present our company is the exclusive agent and authorized distributor of American Standard and Ideal Standard in the State of Qatar. Also, we are authorized supplier for Grohe faucets, Inda bathroom accessories , Carron Bathroom works, Fratelli Frattini Faucets, Bobrick & Schell, Altmans, Bossini, Remer and Franke washroom accessories, Seranit, Keope, Emigres, Saudi Ceramics, Porcellan, Ceramica Emil, Ouya/Omika/Yinibao Ceramics, New Zhong Ceramics etc.Ideal/American Standard Inc. and subsidiaries with worldwide manufacturing facilities in variety city produces and distributes bathroom and Kitchen fixtures and fittings primarily under the Ideal Standard, American Standard, Eljer, Crane, Porcher & Jado brand names.We have a full-fledged Project Sales Department to look after the needs and requirements of the various projects, consultants /contractors and other institutional clients. We have been involved in the supply and delivery of our materials to many prestigious projects .

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Al Madar Holding WLL

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Al Madar Holding W.L.L is a Qatari based Property Development Company since 1992 with experience and a formidable reputation for quality and service. The Company incorporates cutting edge architectural design and continues building landmarks such as Commercial Office Towers, Residential Apartment Towers, Hotels, Residential Compounds and Master Plan Land Developments including joint ventures and has successfully complete major projects in the region. Al Madar goes beyond blueprints and building materials. The Company is driven by a multi-trade, professional and fully skilled workforce with a constant and absolute focus on service, quality and excellence in design, workmanship and delivery. The blend of advanced architecture and sophisticated engineering are the background of the Company’s continued success. Empowered with values of clear vision and commitment to excellence Al Madar is absolutely committed to providing quality in all areas of the Company’s activities. The Company has huge workforce, including Engineers, Consultants, Technical and Managerial Specialties a number of long-experienced Senior Engineers and Supervisors are among them. The Company also possesses a number of latest equipment and machinery along with a complete range of advanced devices, transporting and earth moving vehicles.

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Confident Enterprises WLL

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Managing Director Message, It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Confident Enterprises WLL for your construction and contracting requirements. Confident Enterprises was formed as a result of its continuous.

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Moteri Qatar

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As the youngest member of Abdullah Abdulghani and Bros. Co. W.L.L, Moteri Auto Care Centre was founded in 2015 in commitment to providing the best auto care services for all vehicles. Moteri serves the whole automotive market in terms of vehicle appearance, full paint protection, vehicle care enhancements and best in class tyres and batteries. As a 3M authorized dealer in Qatar, Moteri is specialized in a complete range of auto care services such as 3M Car Window Tinting, 3M Car Body Protection, 3M Underbody Coating, 3M Car Detailing and 3M Car Polishing. It is within Moteri’s core to treat their customers with respect and integrity. The staff work hand in hand within a team to sustain all the provided services in a friendly atmosphere.

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AAGE Trading & Contracting WLL

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AAGE Trading & Contracting establishes total dominance for the past few years in sourcing, funding, and distributing batteries to industry leaders. Our knack for identifying the demands of an industrial or commercial sector and our ability to come up with customized solutions make us the number one vendor across Qatar. Our principles of never compromising quality, prompt delivery, and customer-centric approach have led us to grow from strength to strength within a short period of time. Our field expertise enabled us to offer any volume of batteries in any form anywhere at a feasible price package.

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Mobile App Development Company Qatar

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نحن فريق ذكي من المصممين والمطورين وتطوير البرامج ، ونظام إدارة المحتوى ، وتطوير التطبيقات ، وتطوير مواقع التجارة الإلكترونية ، وتحسين محرك البحث ، وتصميم الرسوم ، والرسوم المتحركة ، والترويج للعلامة التجارية وغيرها الكثير في هذا العصر الرقمي. نحن مجموعة رشيقة من المصممين والمطورين الذين هم نشيطون في مساعدة عملائنا على تحقيق أهدافهم وتطوير علاماتهم التجارية. Qweb أفضل شركة لتصميم وتطوير مواقع الويب في الدوحة ، قطر. تصميم المواقع الإلكترونية في قطر مع سنوات من الخبرة في تقديم الأفكار والاتجاهات الإبداعية في خدمات تكنولوجيا المعلومات. 10 سنوات من الاستقرار وجودة خدماتنا ، لكننا نبحث عن المزيد فرص في المستقبل ، خبرة قيمة في مجال التكنولوجيا والتطوير جنبًا إلى جنب مع الاحتراف والموهبة لموظفينا المتراكمة خلال العقد داخل تكنولوجيا المعلومات. على الرغم من أننا تقع في الدوحة، قطر، ولكن العالم الرقمي وسعت نطاق عملنا، ونحن خدمة العملاء الموجودة في أي جزء من العالم. لدينا سنوات من الخبرة في إنشاء وتصميم المواقع، ونقدم مجموعة واسعة من حلول الإنترنت وتطبيقات الجوال للعملاء نصمم مواقعنا الإلكترونية لتكون سريعة التحميل ومتوافقة مع المتصفحات ومتوافقة مع الأجهزة المحمولة وسهلة الاستخدام ومحرك البحث ، والمعرفة التقنية المحدثة باستمرار والإبداع هو شعارنا ، وتتمثل الرؤية الرئيسية لشركتنا في تطوير جودة عالية وإدارة سهلة لمواقع الويب ، ملائم من المستخدم ، يلبي جميع معايير صناعة تكنولوجيا المعلومات الحديثة. نتعامل مع كل مشروع على أنه مهمة مهمة ويتم منح كل عميل الأولوية القصوى . سواء أكان عميلاً متعدد الجنسيات أم عميلًا خاصًا ، فإن الجودة هي مفتاحنا ، فنحن نسعى جاهدين لخلق وإضافة قيمة للأعمال دون المساومة على التكلفة. يهتم المتخصصون لدينا بجعل عملائنا على دراية بجميع الخيارات الممكنة لحلول الويب الكاملة ، سواء كان ذلك مجرد تجديد لموقع الويب أو تطوير شامل جديد وتصميم أو مساعدة تسويقية ، مع جميع مزاياها وعيوبها التي تمكنهم من اتخاذ قرارات حكيمة وقابلة للقياس قرار القيمة لاستثماراتهم في عالم الويب.

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Qatar Cool Westbay

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تأسست الشركة القطرية لتبريد المناطق “قطر كـوول” في نوفمبر ٢٠٠٣ كشركة مساهمة خاصة قطرية تمتلك الشركة المتحدة للتنمية والشركات المملوكة لها ،( وهي شركة قطرية) نسبة (٩١.٠٦%) بالإضافة إلى عدد من المساهمين القطريين بنسبة (٨.٩٤٪). إن الشركة القطرية لتبريد المناطق “قطر كـوول” هي إحدى الشركات الرائدة في مجال تبريد المناطق في قطر ، هدفت قطر كـوول منذ إنشائها على أن تتميز في جميع جوانب العمل. على مدار الــ ١٨ سنة الماضية قامت الشركة بتطوير خبرات تقنية وتشغيلية وصقلت نهجها نحو توفير الخدمة للأعمال التجارية وتوفير الخدمة للأفراد. وقطر كـوول حاليا الشركة الرائدة في مجال توفير خدمة تبريد المناطق في دولة قطر، وتمتلك قطر كوول أربع محطات تبريد, ثلاثة منها في منطقة الخليج الغربي و اكبر محطة تبريد في العالم في منطقة اللؤلؤة-قطر بطاقة كلية وصلت لـ ٢٣٧٫٠٠٠ طن تبريد.

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Techno Blue

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Techno Blue is a wholly owned entity of HBK Holdings group, a multi-billion dollar conglomerate operating in Qatar market since 1970. Techno Blue specializes in providing a wide range of goods and services in the Qatari Market covering Consumer Electronics, Appliances, Consumer and commercial Imaging, Home Networking solutions. The commercial appliances and air conditioning division, specializes in providing solutions for a wide range of applications, be it multi story towers, commercial building or housing complex or industrial building. An ISO 9001 certified organization, the mission of Techno Blue is to offer world class products to their customers and back it up with relevant after sales service. Investment in service infrastructure is a continuous activity at Techno Blue to ensure quality of after sales service. Techno Blue operates over a dozen showrooms in various geographic area of Qatar including in some of the biggest malls, offering state of the art products as mentioned above. These showrooms are designed to give the consumer an unique “Touch & Feel" experience of the cutting edge technology products. “Techno Blue attributes its very existence to the customers it serves and employees are the assets who make it possible to achieve this goal ”, this is the management philosophy of Techno Blue around which the complete organization revolves.

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Specialize for Building Materials Trading Company

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Specialize for Building Materials Trading Company (SBMTC) is one of the leading building materials supply company based in State of Qatar. We supply best quality of products source around the globe. We deals with range of products but our major products are Steel Couplers, Reinforcement Steel, All type of woods and plywood and waterproofing materials. The company represent several renowned local and international brands. The company has supplied to several major projects of Qatar. We are specialized to supply specific product based on project specifications and also advise our client for the best alternative solutions. We always expand our products to meet the different needs of our customers in building and construction market. Our specialized team will always confirm the quality and the sustainability of the product before delivering to our client. Trust is core value of our business.

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Fahad Al Buzwair Co

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Buzwair Holding is a well-established industrial group in the State of Qatar. A conglomerate that is deeply-rooted in the fabric of the nation, Buzwair Holding was founded in 1954 as Buzwair Engineering & Contracting. With its aim to build a solid business foundation, Buzwair has fuelled its success in Qatar by tapping into emerging new market opportunities. For over five decades, the Buzwair name has been synonymous with customer service, reliability and solution-oriented businesses. Buzwair’s contracting and gases division has grown to become a leader in the market, building a sustainable business through innovation by entering new fields. In 2004, the company became known as Buzwair Group and was closely linked to several significant developments across the country. In 2005, Buzwair Group established its real estate subsidiary introducing unmatched benchmarks to the industry. In 2007, Buzwair underwent a restructuring programme allowing for its entire spectrum of business units to gain a stronger presence and in 2009, the company was renamed Buzwair Holding. Since its inception, Buzwair Holding has cemented remarkable deals that have helped to build strong bonds with leading public and private sector organizations such as QatarGas, RasGas, Qatar Petroleum, Hamad Medical Corporation, and Ashghal. This was due largely to Buzwair’s products and services exceeding expectations. Today, Buzwair Holding is one of the largest industrial houses in Qatar and comprises 700 employees from across the globe, operating to international standards in everything they do. The achievements of the last 50 years were landmark milestones; but even these are to be eclipsed in the years to come.

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Qatar Petrochemical Company

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Industries Qatar Q.P.S.C. was incorporated as a Qatari joint stock company on April 19, 2003. The registered office is located at P.O. Box 3212, Doha, State of Qatar. Through the group companies, IQ operates in 3 distinct segments: petrochemicals, fertiliser and steel. The IQ group currently consists of 4 major companies. When first established in 2003, the group did not have any major ownership interests in any other subsidiaries and joint ventures other than the four direct investments. Now, many of these companies have themselves invested in subsidiaries and joint ventures thereby significantly expanding the size of the group.

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Nice Way Contracting

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NICE WAY Trading & Construction has an extensive track record specializing in commercial, industrial and residential projects with a particularly strong performance in concrete tilt-up and sustainable developments. Our expertise is extensive and spans a wide range from pre-construction services to complete turn-key construction projects. Our successful construction approach can be attributed to our highly talented and educationally qualified work force, aggressive subcontractor administration, accurate cost control, low overheads and sustainable practices.

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Boom Construction Company

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Established in 1994, Boom Construction Company (BCC) is a grade A contracting firm and the leading specialist company under Boom Group. Having evolved over the years, the enterprise now boasts an impressive portfolio, an increasing number of projects and a growing turnover. Boom Construction Company frequently takes on established global organizations for the chance to carry out projects in the vicinity. The company is frequently approached by neighboring firms to participate in large scale, specialized projects—ones that have previously relied upon renowned international firms. The talented individuals behind BCC carry out total turnkey contracts and act as subcontractors for both local and international contracting companies. BCC has an extensive work history, and has been involved in major expansion projects and developments in Qatar with Public Works Authorities (ASHGHAL); Hamad International Airport; Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA); Qatar Petroleum (QP); and the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning.

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Qatar Properties Holding Co For Operations And Management, AMLAK

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AMLAK a commercial arm of Qatar Foundation, manages a strategic portfolio of real estate assets and operations that span hospitality and leisure, venues and sports arenas, residential and commercial sectors. AMLAK is playing a significant role in fulfilling the Qatar 2030 National Vision, thus ensuring that Qatar remains a world leader in environment, social, human and economic development.By growing the potential of assets. AMLAK supports the sustainable development of Qatar and its success in being measured by its stakeholders. We are immensely proud to be part of Qatar's historic journey of socio economic development towards a progressive nation.

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HUB Business Center

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We take our tagline very seriously and since we've started we've been committed to finding you the perfect office space for your business or selves. We look forward to meeting you and offering you your perfect office space. ​ Our first HUB Business Center Branch is situated in one of interconnected zones of Barwa Commercial Avenue which is set to become a lively commercial area and advanced network of infrastructure. As years go by, HUB Business Centre has expanding it's services. Newly opened Branches as well offers serviced office beneficial to entrepreneurs and start-up companies, including fully furnished suites, dedicated telephone line, high-speed internet access, conference rooms, complimentary drinks and a professional support team to facilitate your daily business. HUB Business Center provides an awe-inspiring office space environment suitable for small to large sized businesses. Start your business with us and increase your revenue at a minimal cost.

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Al Mirqab Real Estate

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Al Mirqab Real Estate has rooted its corporate strategy on a community-focused approach. In the last two decades, we have been consistent in conceptualizing ideas to develop localities and enhance properties all over Qatar. Al Mirqab understands that every client is unique and special, thus we plan and devise solutions that are tailor-made to their specific requirements, culture and personality. By doing so, we are able to touch lives and leave good memories with the people we’ve come across with. As a company, Al Mirqab Real Estate is a wellspring of bespoke concepts, ensuring every client is matched to the property that suits their needs best – be it commercial or residential. Superior quality, detailed and perfection are the standards that Al Mirqab upholds throughout its projects - residential, hotels, commercial offices, retail and education. Over the years, Al Mirqab continues to raise the bar of super luxury living, creating an experience truly incomparable.

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Qatar Business Events Corporation (QBEC) is an executive arm of Qatar Tourism (QT), which was established in November 2018 as part of a new governance structure that seeks to unify and consolidate efforts to develop the tourism sector. QBEC will organize, manage, operate, and supervise events and venues (mainly DECC) in the state of Qatar, in addition to participating in regional and international exhibitions and conferences to position Qatar as a leading business events destination. QBEC’s focus is on activating the next chapter of the National Tourism Sector Strategy where it mainly covers the business events, a key sub-sector that attracts thousands of visitors to Qatar every year. QBEC will act as a link between QT as a governing, planning and regulation body on one hand and the private sector on the other hand, helping in unifying the vision, the efforts and the resources needed to cultivate a thriving business events sector.

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