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أسباير بارك Aspire Park


his massive green oasis lies hidden behind the Villaggio and Hyatt plaza, Doha's popular shopping malls in the Aspire zone. The Park is the biggest in the city which isn't classified as a tourist attraction as such. However, it stands as a splendid contrast to the characteristic surrounding desert landscape and is an exceptional jewel to realize and experience whilst in Doha. With a total area of 880,000 m², it is an amazingly huge and super-lush park, complete with sports grounds, children's play area, green areas, trees for shade, jogging track with rubber flooring, gorgeous fountains and eateries. The Aspire Park offers not just green space for a good walk or jog but it also has a big lake with aquatic animals which is an additional touch of nature that visitors can enjoy with cafés and green shades adding to the aesthetic appeal of the park. Aspire Park can be a good getaway after a long day of shopping at the neighboring Villaggio and Hyatt Plaza malls. With an eye to both the amusement for kids and the activities of many sports-enthusiasts, this park has provided the required diversity for those who enjoy outdoor activities. The Aspire Zone, itself is considered the ultimate sporting destination of the Middle East and rose to international prominence through successful staging of the 2006 Asian Games.Aspire Zone is able to provide space to the sporting demands ranging from hosting major international events to coaching camps and conferences to pre-competition camps, training and research, injury diagnosis and treatment as well as rehabilitation. There are also other famous sports venues Khalifa Stadium, impressive Hamad Aquatic Centre and Aspire Dome. The Park is also an excellent option for joggers as it is surrounded by a 1.6km jogging track.

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حديقة مائية Aqua Park


e park extends to an area of 50,000 square meters and a capacity of over 3,000 visitors. Comparatively with its precursors in the gulf region, the park started out quite small, with just a few slides and pools but underwent considerable restoration and has expanded significantly over the years. It can get busy as it's a popular destination for locals and expats in Doha for a cool and revitalizing visit, particularly during hot summer days. The park features an enormous "wave pool", an “activity pool”, a “lazy river”, a multiple slides complex (14 to 20 meters high and extra charges for bigger ones), an exotic village, a family pool, a bar and restaurant. Adjoining the aqua park, there will be a shopping complex with top-of-the-line brands including hypermarket, shops and restaurants as well as a 300,000sqm resort, currently under construction.

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كيو كارافان QCaravan


With its quality and commitment towards every client associated with the company, Plazma Contracting Company has etched a name for itself in its field of activities over the past decade. We are a group of committed professionals in the field of designing, manufacturing, management, product quality and timely completion of projects. We have a wide list of satisfied clients in Qatar, and this proves our success, and we are committed towards taking this list to greater heights in future. PLAZMA Contracting Company delivers a wide range of activities. Portacabins, Fire rated cabin units, steel fabrication, steel structure buildings, carpentry etc. We are also into real estate and man-power supply.

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Conserve Solutions


Conserve is the result of our passion towards Built Environment. The sole purpose of Conserve is to support the Building and Process Plant sectors with its Engineering and Sustainable abilities. We are driven by Engineering Excellence, People-centric approach, Ethics and Innovation. Conserve aims to establish long-term and continuous relations based on its respected and strong enterprise image. Our importance to humanity is more than any financial values.

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بنك قطر الدولي The International Bank of Qatar (IBQ)


The International Bank of Qatar (IBQ) is a well-established and rapidly growing commercial institution, offering a full range of retail, private, and corporate banking solutions. The International Bank of Qatar (IBQ) is one of the oldest existing banks in Qatar and celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2016. Established as the “Ottoman Bank” in 1956, IBQ has received various international and prestigious accolades which are testaments to its position as one of Qatar’s leading banks. The Bank has a growing network of branches, service centers and ATMs strategically located throughout Qatar. The bank has received various awards for its Private Banking and Retail Banking services from Euromoney, Arabian Business, International Banker, International Finance Magazine, Global Banking and Finance Review, Banker Magazine and Banker Middle East.

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فيت 20 قطر Fit20 Qatar


Fit20 is an innovative and unique training method. Most people believe that fitness training takes at least a few hours and several sessions per week. fit20 provides science-based alternative. At fit20 you train once per week for 20 minutes with a personal trainer. Our training method is based on the latest scientific findings about effective and efficient training to improve fitness and health. You book your weekly session ahead of time to stay on track. Because you have an appointment, you don’t have to wait. There is no need to change or shower because we train at a slow and precise pace in a custom cooled studio. Most members show measurable results within a few sessions, and more importantly, they feel stronger and fitter. Your weekly appointment lasts 20 minutes.

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ستيبيليكس سيستيم Stebilex Systems


At Stebilex, our goal is to connect every business with the best technology products and solutions from around the world. Founded by group of technologists passionate about utilizing the power of technology to transform businesses. Stebilex crafts customer successes by utilizing experience and expertise to drive excellence in execution. Consulting & Analysis Be it in person, over the phone or through email, our team of expert B2B consultants is available to understand your project needs and recommend the right fit of technology for your business.

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درابزين Drabzin


"Drabzin Art" is the new branch of Drabzin, specialized in manufacturing of superior quality Brass furniture and 3D - Wall panel in Qatar. Our products are manufactured under strict control standards, in every step from the designs laid out by our experienced designers.

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AAM Trading WLL


As a leading supplier in Qatar, We provide a comprehensive range of the highest quality products and customer service directly to Qatar's electricians. AAM Trading is achieving rapid, consistent growth by challenging the prevailing status in the industry's value propositions. We deliver great service by investing in our people, ensuring our customer's needs are met the first time, every time. Our manufacturing plants are equipped with the best machinery, technologies, and system to provide the best facilities in Qatar. We offer a comprehensive range of switchgear and electrical products as a one-stop shop solution. We ensure that each of our product is manufactured and sold in compliance with Qatar standards, we always bring our products by providing standard quality assurance As a leader in Qatar, we are dedicated to supplying quality products at a competitive price. Our team has expert technical knowledge and extensive industry experience. We invest in ongoing quality control procedures to deliver the best products to the market. We also understand the electrical industry and support its future growth and also commit to product improvement processes and Research & Development of new products every year.

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dds Ahlan


DDS Ahlan is one of the top FMCG COMPANY IN QATAR and it is the best place to buy food items, nutritional bars, drugs, beverages, etc. We provide all our products at a very reasonable rate, so you can enjoy your shopping without disturbing your budget. We are Qatar's premier distributor since 1960. We represent 80+ exclusive global brands in the Consumer Goods and Pharmaceutical industries. dds Ahlan is the consumer channel of Doha Drug Store,one of the top FMCG distributors in Qatar. We are proud to connect with our consumers who are a big part of what we do. It’s our way of getting closer to the thousands of consumers who use our products every day. Here you can discover Qatar’s premier brands as we make them available at leading stores in Qatar.

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جلس اب Gulsapp


Guls provides you with plenty of great services 24 hours a day. Guls offers services like towing, flat tire repair, car battery charge and fuel delivery. In just a few taps, Guls will send the nearest service provider to get you moving fast. With a simple tap, request assistance for a towing, flat tire, dead battery (jump start) and empty fuel tank..We’ll automatically detect your precise location and dispatch the closest tow truck.You’ll receive confirmation that help is on the way, who is coming and a precise time of arrival. You’ll be able to watch in real time on your phone as assistance comes to your location. Should you choose, you’ll be able to contact the driver directly at any time during the rescue

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مشروع ديكو للتجارة Deco Project Trading


مشروع ديكو للتجارة Deco Project Trading

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قوس قزح قطر Rainbow Qatar


RAINBOW Talent Management & Contracting provide outsourcing services of professionals and technical talents for all industries, such as the oil and gas, infrastructure, construction, power generation, facility management, banking, IT and among others. Our pool of qualified workforce is sourced locally and internationally in collaboration with our international affiliates. Timely professional response and deployment is what makes us the talent source of choice in the market. RAINBOW is a well-knit team of technical and marketing professionals who are groomed to apply best business practice meticulously and in every stage of the business deals. The presence of versatile talents on board enabled us in broadening our activities as diverse as Talent Management, Mobile Car Detailing, General Contracting, Facilities Managements and Health & Safety services in Qatar. We have innovative solutions to all your requirements in our areas of specialization. Together with our international associates, we have an array of satisfied clients who could very well testify our teams’ capability.

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تي سي ايه TCA ARTS


TCA is the most affordable, inclusive and effective dance & music institute, located in C-Ring road, Al Hilal East, Behind Gulf Times. Our focus on music academia and performance has helped us historically produce exceptional results in music exams for Trinity College of Music, London. We offer classes for abacus, dance, music, painting, karate, yoga and robotics. All our lessons are offered individually by qualified teachers in purpose built studios, on excellent instruments for music and dance.

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جيتيت GETIT.QA


We are an ecommerce company registered in Qatar and promoting local/international products and services. GETIT.QA is an Online Shopping Marketplace for Multi Vendors and follows the guidelines provided by MOCT-Qatar and it stands for ‘Online Trading’ and ‘Marketing Activities’ through our Multi-channel selling platform (Web, Mobile Apps) We are the best online shopping website in Doha Qatar for all type of latest Fresh Foods, Vegetables, Fruits, Fresh Fish & Meat, Mobiles & Electronics, Home Appliances, Fashion Apparels for Men, Women, Baby & Kids, Gifts, Flowers, Chocolates, Groceries, Industrial Products & Services at very affordable pricing with Cash on Delivery.

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الجزيرة للصرافة AL JAZEERA EXCHANGE


Al Jazeera Exchange, established in Qatar on 15th November 2003, is a partnership firm with nine partners registered with Ministry of Economy Commerce under CR No. 26800. It started its commercial operations from 17th January 2004 under the license from Central Bank of Qatar to do the business of foreign currency exchange and remittance. Over the years it has grown into one of the leading money exchange establishments in Qatar with eight branches at strategic locations in the country. Al Jazeera Exchange has remittance arrangements with major banks in countries like UAE, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Philippines, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan etc. It has also tied up with renowned remittance service providers like Western Union, Xpress Money, Transfast, EzRemit, IME Nepal, Instant Cash, MMRemit, Prabhu Money Transfer etc. This enables the customer to the right solution which perfectly addresses his needs for remitting his money safe and secured to his homeland.

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الشرقية للصرافة قطر Eastern Exchange Qatar


Established in 1979, Eastern Exchange belongs to the well known Al-Muftah family of Qatar under the efficient leadership of Mr.Abdul Rahman M M Al-Muftah, Chairman. Over the years, Eastern Exchange has been scaling up its market position to emerge as a major exchange company in Qatar by rendering personalized customer service to its customers. Eastern Exchange is a professionally managed establishment having a management services arrangement with Canara Bank since 1983, the 3rd largest Public Sector Bank in India. The branches are headed by experienced personnel from Canara Bank having adequate expertise in Forex business. Besides they have a pool of experienced staff at the counters to offer you hassle free service.

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المدينة للصرافة City Exchange Qatar


Established in 1975 as Sherif Exchange, City exchange has continued the operations in money transfer and currency exchange market with the new name City Exchange from 1992. City Exchange offers a wide range of services & facilities ensure that all money transfer requirements are fulfilled. The strategic locations of 7 branches among which many have become landmarks over the years gives them the extra advantage of brand visibility and easy access for customers in all parts of the country. They strive for innovative products and deliver to exceed the customers’ expectations in terms of speed and reach across the globe.

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يونيموني قطر Unimoni Qatar


Unimoni, short for 'Universal Money' is a leading global remittance, foreign exchange, payment and credit solutions brand. In Qatar, they provide a broad spectrum of in-store and digital money transfer and foreign currency exchange solutions for retail and corporate customers. Their key focus lies in empowering the customers by addressing their financial requirements under one roof as a one-stop solutions provider. They facilitate the seamless movement of money across geographies, currencies and channels to enable customers to achieve their financial ambitions. Committed to delivering timely and hassle-free remittance and foreign exchange services, they are supported by a dedicated team of professionals to ensure enriched customer experiences at all times. The retail stores are conveniently located in commercial and residential areas, catering to the different financial needs of the local and expatriate communities as well as visitors and tourists.

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موف جيورو Movguru


Cleaning is an important aspect of a lively and healthy environment. Be it a workplace or living surroundings, we all want our spaces to be neat and tidy. Movguru connects people with the leading cleaning services in Doha to help individuals with their cleaning process. Movguru has a network of trusted moving companies, and you can have all your moving and relocation queries answered with just a click. Being a part of BSquare Group, an IT Company with 15 years of experience, Movguru aspires in providing holistic services to all its customers.

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