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دليل الشركات القطرية
دليل كامل و شامل لشركات القطرية و المواقع الإبداعية التي تساعد الجميع في اعمالهم

شركات المطاعم العربية والاجنبية

West Walk

رابط الشركة

ويست ووك عبارة عن مجتمع متكامل في الدوحة يضم منطقة جديدة، مبتكرة وجذابة صُممت خصيصاً لتوفير حياة عصرية. هنا، ستجدون كل ما تحتاجون إليه للعيش والعمل والمرح في إطار حديث، وضمن نطاق متطوّر في منطقة الوعب، ما سيرفع تجربة القاطنين ورجال الأعمال والزوّار إلى أعلى المستويات.

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Al Fahad Food Center

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Fahed Food WLL is a Private Limited Company that was founded in 1998 in Doha, Qatar, operating in the food and beverages Distribution. With the rapid growth in the hospitality sector within Doha, Fahed Food WLL, decided to grasp the opportunity and expand their Portfolio and operations by adding a high-end brand of Food and Beverages to the retail and Food Service Divisions. Fahed Food- will take the lead of importing and sourcing worldwide gourmet food and beverage products and brands tailored to the market.

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Gourmet District Doha

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Gourmet district is the first indoor food park in Doha, Qatar. From over a hundred dishes from all over the world, the Gourmet district offers a wide variety of cuisines worldwide. Established in 2019, Gourmet District is a food park with over five top cuisines worldwide, European, American, Middle Eastern, and Asian dishes. A seamless European experience links Italian corners, french streets, and a breathtaking view of the West Bay sea.

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Arabian, Asian, Continental يعد مطعم WOK OF FAME في فيلاجيو مول بتقديم تجربة طعام بوفيه أنيقة مع شعور أنيق وعالمي لرواد المطعم ، ويقدم أفضل الاختيارات من المأكولات العالمية.

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Freshii QA

رابط الشركة

Freshii is a Canadian fast casual restaurant franchise that serves burritos, wraps, soups, salads, and frozen yogurt. It was founded in 2005 by CEO Matthew Corrin, and has since expanded to over 100 locations in countries including Canada, the United States, Colombia, Peru, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, and United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and now in Qatar.

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Burj Al Hamam Qatar

رابط الشركة

Burj Al Hamam boasts an impressive assortment of traditional Lebanese delicacies in an upscale class.

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Shirvan Métisse Doha

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Shirvan is a former province of Azerbaijan from which, Michelin Star Chef Akrame was inspired to crea.

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Arabesque at The Pearl-Qatar

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Serving modern twists on traditional Lebanese Street Food dishes. Arabesque is a causal eatery locate.

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Isla Mexican Kitchen Qatar

رابط الشركة

Savor the True Taste of Mexican cuisine in the elevated, upbeat cantina-style dining room and patio w.

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Market by Jean-Georges

رابط الشركة

Market Doha is inspired by Jean-Georges Vongerichten's concept of the "hotel as a home" and extends to the restaurant as a casual family kitchen Market By Jean-Georges The menu features dishes inspired by the "greatest hits" of classic Jean-Georges Vongerichten cuisine emphasizing comfort and creativity allowing guests to try new flavor combinations and explore spices from other regions, all while remaining close to home.

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La Spiga by Papermoon

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Renowned for creating popular haunts for global trendsetters in Milan, Beirut and Istanbul, Paper Moon has brought a new vision to life at W Doha. La Spiga blends warm, friendly service, a vibrant atmosphere for mixing and mingling, and innovative cuisine.Savor authentic dishes comprising the freshest ingredients that elevate the art of Italian cuisine. La Spiga's menu includes light antipasti, salads, pastas, pizzas, the best cuts of meat, the highest-quality seafood and a selection of signature dishes.

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Yasmine Palace Restaurant

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Yasmine Palace occupies the finest spot at The Pearl. In this opulent space, the past merges with the present and traditional cuisine is accentuated by authentic Arab architecture. Imagined to evoke memories of ancient palatial splendor, Yasmine Palace’s ingenuity is in its four dining experiences, making it the only multi-themed restaurants complex in Doha. The walls whisper historic stories to guests as they are ushered into a unique sensory experience, where a delectable and extensive menu takes guests on a journey across continents. You can find a place of joy in every corner! Yasmine Palace is inspired by Arab cultures and civilizations. It serves a beautiful mix of Andalusian, Levantine and Qatari-inspired dishes, which revolve around a passion for jasmine – in fact, if you appreciate the humble, yet invigorating jasmine, you’ll find this an experience that opens up a whole new world. From the welcoming courtyard to the first impression as you step through the magnificent archway, awaits a dining experience unlike any other in Doha.

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Isaan Thai Restaurant

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One of the few restaurants in Doha with a vibrant setting of open-plan kitchens. Contemporary in style, it is ideal for a fun, exotic dinner in a casual atmosphere. The private dining room offers a unique dinner experience in full privacy, accommodating up to 14 guests for an a la carte menu or a carefully selected menu of Chef Somporn's specialties.

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Aramede Restaurant

رابط الشركة

Our all day dining restaurant. Aramede is the creation of a dining theatre offering local and international dishes. Designed as a modern marketplace, the restaurant features light organic colors and materials centered on a six story light flooded atrium with panoramic elevators. Guests will be taken on a sensory visual journey with live cooking stations and international comfort food options that ensure each visit is something new and different.

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Sabai Thai

رابط الشركة

Sabai Thai is an award-winning Thai restaurant that takes its guests on an ultimate culinary journey of Thailand's cuisine and culture. Located at The Westin Doha Hotel & Spa, the rich culinary adventure commences with the aromas of the open kitchen along with the array of authentic Thai dishes and drinks. Every dish is prepared with meticulous attention to detail and authenticity while showcasing the culinary skills and passion of a country famous for its cuisine... The interior design of the restaurant has incorporated decorative elements that creates a truly Asian themed atmosphere at the venue. Artistic and bold drawings at the venue showcases the storyline of the conveyance and evolvement of a cooking experience between two generations. Additionally, a refurbished bar has been entrained to the setup, allowing guests to enjoy refreshing beverages. Also live entertainment has been added to create a vibrant touch to the overall ambiance.

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يعتبر مطعم آدم في قطر من أشهر وأفضل المطاعم في الدوحة، والذي يقدم أكلات متنوعة من المطبخ اللبناني والتركي، وهو يقدم الطعام بأسلوب جديد ويحافظ على المذاق الأصلي اللذيذ للأطعمة، خاصة أن الأطعمة التركية حظيت مؤخرا بشهرة واسعة في المجتمع العربي، وأصبح العديد من الناس يفضلون تذوق الأطعمة التركية اتقييم مطعم آدم في قطر حاز المطعم على تقييمات جيدة في جودة الطعام المقدم وخدمات التنظيف ومذاق الطعام، يفتح المطعم أبوابه من الساعة العاشرة والنصف وحتى الساعة 11.45 مساءا، ورسوم الخدمة 10.00 ريال قطري، وفي حالة طلب الطعام في المنزل يستغرق وقت إعداد الطعام ما يقرب من 60 دقيقة، وفي بعض الأحيان يستغرق وقت أقل من هذا.لمختلفة عن باقي المطابخ العربية.

الزيارات: 883 | التقييم: 0 | المقيّمين: 0 | المدينة الدوحة | اللغة عربي _ AR

Subway Arabia

رابط الشركة

أصبحت علامة صَب واي® التجارية اليوم سلسلة مطاعم سندويتشات الصَب مارين الأكبر في العالم، وهي تضم 44,000 مطعم حول العالم. لقد أصبحنا الخيار الرائد لمن يبحثون عن الوجبات السريعة والمُغذية التي يستمتع بها كل أفراد العائلة. منذ البداية، كان لفريد رؤية واضحة لمستقبل علامة صَب واي® التجارية. مع تواصل نموّنا، يوجّهنا شغفه لإرضاء الزبائن من خلال تقديم سندويتشات شهية مُعدّة على الطلب.

الزيارات: 939 | التقييم: 0 | المقيّمين: 0 | المدينة الدوحة | اللغة عربي _ AR

Tajeen Restaurant

رابط الشركة

Tajeen Restaurant is a restaurant located in Qatar, serving a selection of Moroccan, Grills, Sandwiches that delivers across Al Souq. Thier best selling dishes are Lamb Tajin, Merguez Sandwich and Beetroot Salad, although they have a variety of dishes and meals to choose from like Moroccan, Grills, Sandwiches. They have been reviewed 621 times by talabat users, with a rating of 4.

الزيارات: 878 | التقييم: 0 | المقيّمين: 0 | المدينة الدوحة | اللغة عربي _ AR

Argan Moroccan Restaurant

رابط الشركة

Argan offers real, authentic Moroccan cuisine setting new standards in fine dining with its wholesome culinary experience; it is a preferred venue for all those who appreciate true Moroccan delicacies. The restaurant presents a traditional Moroccan setting, stylishly uplifted by modern elements and chic, vibrant colors. Tables and booths surround a purpose-built majlis-style seating area in the middle where you can lounge around on comfy couches with bites, drinks and shisha on its terrace area. The booths, that line the wall on one side, have mosaic detailing and from the ceiling hang star-shaped lanterns. Enjoy freshly baked Moroccan bread and authentic Moroccan mint tea, choose from wide variety of Tajines and sweets offered at this exclusive Moroccan Restaurant in Doha.

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Fès Restaurant Doha

رابط الشركة

مطعم مغربي في قلب الدوحة لتقديم ألذ الأكلات.

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